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Teletrac Navman's AI-powered IQ Camera gets TCA Type-Approval in Australia
Tue, 19th Dec 2023

Teletrac Navman has announced that its AI-powered device, the IQ Camera, has become the first to receive Type-Approval by Transport Certification Australia (TCA) for Assurance Levels 1 and 2. The major connected mobility solutions provider is leading the way in video telematics offerings in Australia.

The IQ Camera is a first-of-its-kind video telematics device to receive a TCA Type-Approval. This achievement makes it the first eligible product in Australia for customers to use and enrol into the Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA) and Road Infrastructure Management (RIM) access programs.

The AI-enabled IQ Camera reveals a plausible blend of video footage with telematics information. This technology empowers transport operators to gain high-level insights and data while offering them greater access and awareness about the road networks throughout Australia.

Thes, TMA and RIM programs monitor parameters including location, time, and identity of enrolled vehicles aiding road asset utilisation and planning. The newly approved IQ Camera ensures industry compliance with the requirements of TMA and RIM programs, setting new standards for safety solutions.

The device provides an all-round solution for transport operators exploring comprehensive, single-device solutions that facilitate fleet management, video safety functionality, tracking, and TMA compatibility. The integrated system effortlessly syncs with Teletrac Navman's fleet management platform, TN360, enabling customers to enrol in regulatory programs and receive detailed real-time location information, insights, alerts, and reporting.

Chief Product Officer at Teletrac Navman, Andrew Rossington, believes that the type-approved IQ Camera marks the advent of integrated, TCA type-approved video telematics solution in the market. He added, "The IQ Camera brings together safety, compliance and productivity in one package. It's perfect for operators of mixed fleets or operators who are starting out on their video telematics journey and seeking a solution they can build on in the future."

As an established TCA certified service provider, Teletrac Navman is embraced by Australia's transport and logistics industry, fuelling their dynamism and paving the path for better business results.

Gavin Hill, General Manager, Strategy and Delivery at TCA, lauded the new Teletrac Navman IQ Camera device and said, "TMA provides a flexible, cost-effective approach to managing vehicle access using telematics with the National Telematics Framework. The device has been type-approved by TCA, making it apt for a wide range of productivity and safety schemes using TMA."

Teletrac Navman's commitment to the National Telematics Framework is clear with the type-approval of the IQ Camera. The framework encourages innovation and technological advances centred on performance-based functional and technical requirements. In particular, Teletrac Navman’s telematics solutions offer operators the perfect solution for their needs, particularly those in transport businesses looking to improve access and increase payload.