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Tangerine Telecom innovates to lessen monthly mobile expenses
Mon, 18th Mar 2024

In a bid to combat surging telecom costs, Tangerine Telecom is suggesting a set of strategies to help customers reduce their monthly mobile expenses.

Andrew Branson, CEO of Tangerine Telecom, expressed his determination to offer patrons exceptional value, stating that Tangerine Telecom's commitment extends to "exclusive discounts, double data deals, and enticing bundle offers." The innovation doesn't stop there; these initiatives are structured to enable year-round savings for customers.

Recognising consumers' fluctuating needs, Branson advocates for adaptable, no-lock-in contracts. In his words, "The era of rigid plans is over. At Tangerine, we champion flexible plans that can be adjusted to suit our customers' evolving lifestyles." This suggests a shift towards a more customer-oriented service approach in the telecoms sector.

Statistics show that the average post-paid mobile customer in Australia uses 14.5GB of data per month. Branson argues for optimising data use by not paying for surplus data. "Why pay for what you don't need? We offer flexibility to adjust data allowances, ensuring you only pay for what you use," he adds.

In a notable push in favour of their data savers, Branson introduced Tangerine's databanks – a unique feature allowing clients to carry over their unused data. Elaborating on this, Branson shared that "Our SIM-only mobile plans come with a minimum 500GB databank, enabling customers to save data for when they really need it."

The push for affordable options continued, with Branson encouraging the use of second-hand devices. For instance, he cited the potential to cut costs radically with a refurbished iPhone 12, saving customers over $400 without forfeiting quality, backed by their 12-month warranties on such products.

Another insightful tip offered by Branson includes the full payment of handsets, arguing that "This approach not only offers immediate savings but also opens the door to more affordable plans without sacrificing the ability to keep your current number."

Lastly, to avoid bill shocks while travelling, Branson advocates the use of Tangerine's affordable roaming packs designed for over 65 destinations. He affirmed that such packs enable customers to relax on their trips, free from the dread of mounting unexpected charges.

With these cost-effective, flexible strategies, Tangerine Telecom is transforming the way we look at mobile expenses. Andrew Branson's vision, combining affordability with high-quality service, provides a glimmer of optimism for consumers seeking to curb their mobile costs without restricting their flexibility or service standards.