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SpinTel introduces unique refill program with long-term savings
Fri, 8th Mar 2024

Australian telecommunication heavyweight SpinTel has revamped its customer referral program, uniquely incentivising its user base with cash savings for the duration of their referred friends' connections. The only telco of its kind in Australia, this new incentive could see customers erasing monthly internet bills from their expenditure.

The 'Refer a Friend' program presents a winning scenario for both new and existing customers. While friends and family enjoy premium telco services, SpinTel customers can accumulate cash savings, helping them cope in a financial climate where every dollar matters. The program effectively offers credits to existing users whose referrals sign up for any of the company's services. This approach ensures a stream of savings as long as the referrals maintain their connection with SpinTel.

Discussing the novel approach, Liam Bal, CEO of SpinTel, noted the company's allegiance to its customer base. "We are proud to be the only telco in Australia offering referral rebates to customers for the life of their friends' connection," stated Mr Bal. He added that this was SpinTel's manner of showing appreciation to its loyal customers, "If our customers are satisfied enough with the value and service they are receiving to suggest SpinTel to a friend or colleague, we want to say thanks, and the best way to do that right now is via the hip-pocket."

Already seeing quick uptake, the program has created a buzz among consumers eager to capitalise on potential cost savings. In some cases, customers have offset their monthly mobile and internet bills fully, thanks to the recurring credits obtained as rebates.

Since its founding in 1996, SpinTel has built a solid reputation for value delivery and service excellence. "We are continually innovating to ensure households in Australia enjoy savings on their internet and mobile expenses, without compromising on speed and reliability," said Bal.

To enter the 'Refer a Friend' program, customers need a unique referral code that can be passed on to friends, family and businesses. The application of this code unlocks a credit on the referring customer's account upon the friend's signup. The program allows further savings with more referrals, with potential credits stacking up to cover their entire monthly bill.

"What makes our referral program unique is longevity," Bal added. He explained that an active referral ensures ongoing monthly credits for the customer. For example, each new NBN subscription referral adds an AUD $5 monthly credit to a customer's account, meaning referring ten friends would result in an AUD $50 monthly credit. Similar referral rewards apply for mobile, with ten new signings yielding an AUD $10 monthly credit.

In a space increasingly cluttered with confusing offers and schemes, SpinTel aims to keep things simple. Creating and sharing a referral code takes only minutes, allowing customers to quickly begin reaping the benefits of the innovative program.

SpinTel is one of the largest privately owned ISPs in Australia. Established in 1996, it offers both residential and business telecommunication services, including congestion-free NBN, wireless Internet, cloud-based PBX, and SIM-only mobile plans at affordable rates. SpinTel's mobile, mobile broadband, and wireless broadband plans are powered by the Optus Mobile Network.