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Spectralink releases Versity 97 Series smartphone in Australia & New Zealand
Wed, 17th Jan 2024

Spectralink, a global leader in enterprise mobility solutions, has announced the launch of the next generation of devices in the Versity smartphone family, the Versity 97 Series, via local distributor, Wavelink. The new series, purpose-built for enterprises, is now available in Australia and New Zealand. It is setting a new standard in enterprise mobility with features such as best-in-class voice quality, superior application integration, and exceptional durability. Spectralink has built on the foundation and success of the Versity 95 Series, bringing to the market a new edition of the device, improved with all-new technology inside.

The Versity 97 Series empowers mobile workers with a high-grade mobility solution characterized by a class-leading processor, innovative artificial intelligent (AI) noise suppression for ultra-clear calls, integration with a broad ecosystem of application partners, including Oracle and Epic and a reliable framework in a slim, rugged, and lightweight device.

The advanced tool fosters real-time collaboration, faster decision-making, and instantaneous responses to patient or customer needs. It packs enhanced true hot-swappable battery, large display with an antimicrobial coating, six programmable buttons, the latest camera and scanner technology, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) location beacon. Notably, Versity 97 offers unique native safety features activated with the push of a button or automatically with motion sensors, ensuring the protection of deskless workers anywhere at their workplace.

Doug Werking, Chief Executive Officer of Spectralink, commented, “We are extremely proud of the latest addition to the Spectralink Versity family of enterprise smartphones. Versity 95 is our most successful smartphone to date, and while customers have indicated immense satisfaction with its performance, Spectralink prides itself on our ability to innovate, surpass the expectations of our customers, and set the standard for enterprise mobility.”

The Versity 97 Series, engineered for today's mobile workforce, supports uninterrupted communication and demanding applications in a truly rugged form factor. It is recommended by Google Android Enterprise and is readily operated with one hand without weighing down uniform pockets. Its total cost of ownership is 50 per cent lower when compared with consumer devices, despite its similarities

The device offers a range of features that maximise productivity on the move. It boasts an industry-leading processor to support demanding application use and multi-tasking, a large touchscreen for easy data input and viewing even with gloves on, integration capabilities with the leading call server platforms and Android applications. It heightens communication, collaboration, security, and safety with its AI-enhanced best-in-class call quality, optimal Wi-Fi performance, workstation docking for tracking intensive use cases, a BLE location beacon with Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) capabilities and a dedicated alarm button for a quick summon of help.

From the standpoint of lowering total cost ownership, its merits include a rugged and damage-resistant design, separately chargeable and hot swappable batteries and the AMIE platform for managing devices and batteries for optimal performance and valuable time-saving in troubleshooting or locating devices.

Andrew Duncan, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Spectralink, said, “Versity 97 sets the standard in performance, productivity, and communication for mobile workers. Through the capabilities truly unleashed by Versity 97, we empower our mobile enterprise customers to get the job done wherever they work.”