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Iceotope achieves milestone in chip-level liquid cooling tech
Fri, 9th Feb 2024

Iceotope, the international forerunner in Precision Liquid Cooling, has proudly announced a significant industry breakthrough. The company has effectively achieved chip-level cooling exceeding 1000W. This groundbreaking development paves the way for efficient cooling of data centres' future high-power CPUs and GPUs.

This advancement addresses the escalating thermal issues faced by data centres worldwide. It also validates the efficacy of single-phase liquid cooling for high-powered applications, proposing a sustainable and scalable solution to data centres grappling with thermal demands on the rise.

The findings provide clear insights. Iceotope's technology reveals an unparalleled ability to cool Intel's 4th Gen Xeon processor emulator at 1000W. This performance is 11.4% improved compared to other comparable liquid cooling methods. This evidential superiority shines a light on the potential of Iceotope's technology, suggesting the possibility of cooling capacity beyond 1500W in the future.

This recent discovery points to a promising future for both the company and the larger technological world. Increased efficiency in high-power CPU and GPU cooling means higher performance and safer operating conditions in data centres. This is expected to have a positive impact on the smooth running of internet services and cloud-based operations, amidst growing dependence on digital platforms across the globe. A reduction in thermal challenges can enhance overall data centre productivity and longevity.

Iceotope's groundbreaking chip-level cooling technique raises the industry standard for data centre cooling solutions. The company's growing ability to navigate rising thermal demands with environmentally friendly and effective liquid cooling technologies represents a significant step forward for the entire sector.

As the need for energy efficiency in the face of increasing thermal demands continues to grow at a global scale, Iceotope's advanced liquid cooling technology could become an integral part of the solution. But the journey does not end here, as Iceotope will likely continue to push the boundaries with its innovative approach to high-power application cooling. Improving upon the standard cooling methods with their unique technology could very well change the future of data centre operations worldwide.