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HCLTech reveals advanced digital workspace, FlexSpace 5G
Fri, 8th Mar 2024

Global technology firm HCLTech has unveiled an advanced digital workspace service for businesses, FlexSpace 5G, following the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This innovative service, designed to augment the efficiency and security of global enterprises, has been powered by Verizon's robust network.

The novel offering, FlexSpace 5G, represents a significant upgrade to HCLTech's existing FlexSpace and operates on Verizon's secure and reliable network, supported by HCLTech's superior hardware partnerships. This digital workspace aims to facilitate an effortless switch to a digital workspace for employees in any category, whether they are working from their desks, doing remote work, being on the go, or on the frontline.

FlexSpace 5G offers a plethora of distinctive benefits for businesses. The service is described as 'Experience-as-a-service' and assists with end-to-end device life cycle management. Extending greater mobility for enterprise users in the hybrid work model goes beyond the capabilities of traditional Wi-Fi.

Providing fast and more reliable connectivity, FlexSpace 5G proves beneficial for a wide range of sectors, including financial services, technology, life sciences, healthcare, telecom, media and entertainment. Moreover, it alleviates data security concerns for those opting to work remotely.

Rakshit Ghura, Senior Vice President at HCLTech, highlights the introduction of HCLTech FlexSpace 5G in partnership with Verizon Business, which aims to offer clients a dynamic, hybrid work environment. He said, "With HCLTech FlexSpace 5G, powered by our strategic partner Verizon Business, we aim to provide our clients with a fluid, hybrid, and sustainable future of work that fosters collaboration, productivity, and innovation."

Jonathan Nikols, Head of Global Enterprise Americas at Verizon Business, emphasised the firm's considerable investments in its network to support revolutionary solutions like this. These facilitate employees to work virtually anywhere they need to connect. He stated, "We continue to make significant investments in our network in order to support solutions such as these, which enable employees to work virtually wherever they need to connect, be that in an airport, a client's office or on the road."

"Connected devices on our network also provide our customers with additional peace of mind due to the enhanced, built-in security inherent to the Verizon network, a significant improvement over public Wi-Fi," Nikols added.

HCLTech's FlexSpace 5G, underpinned by Verizon's network, offers a vastly improved, swift, and secure connectivity solution. By providing enhanced mobility for the hybrid work model and significantly dependable connectivity, it aids a broad array of global businesses by offering more than public Wi-Fi. HCLTech's commitment to innovation remains evident through the launch of FlexSpace 5G as the enterprise continues to explore and develop advanced digital workspace solutions.

Well-established in the industry, HCLTech is home to more than 224,000 people across 60 countries. The company delivers capabilities centred around digital, engineering, cloud, AI, and software, powered by a broad portfolio of technology services and products. It works with clients across all major verticals, providing industry solutions for Financial Services, Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Technology and Services, Telecom and Media, Retail and CPG, and Public Services.