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Equinix launches Fabric Cloud Router for efficient multicloud networking
Thu, 18th Jan 2024

Equinix, a global expert in digital infrastructure, has announced the worldwide availability of its Equinix Fabric Cloud Router in all 58 Fabric-enabled markets, including Australia.

This innovative virtual routing service enables businesses to connect applications and data across multiple clouds and on-premise deployments. Significantly, it can establish these connections in as little as 45 seconds, eliminating the substantial costs and complexities associated with owning and operating a physical router or licensing a virtual router.

The launch of Equinix Fabric Cloud Router strengthens Equinix's multicloud networking portfolio by offering unparalleled cloud-to-cloud performance at reduced costs. It caters to the complexities of cloud-to-cloud and hybrid cloud networking challenges through a simple, enterprise-grade, multicloud routing service that can be deployed in under a minute. With secure private connectivity, customers can link applications across more public clouds in more locations than any other service.

"Modern IT environments are highly digitised and distributed. In 2023, 94% of organisations are now using multiple unique public clouds to optimise performance and scale applications. The network connectivity supporting these multicloud applications must provide the same ability to scale and improve performance," said Bob Laliberte, Principal Analyst at ESG.

"Equinix, with its extensive cloud on-ramp availability and low network latency combined with the recently added Equinix Fabric Cloud Router, is well positioned to deliver these capabilities."

Equinix Fabric Cloud Router can be deployed across the globe, including Australia, and resources can connect with low latency to all major cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Other service providers accessible through this tool include Akamai, ServiceNow, and Zoom.

As a service offered on-demand and in near real-time, Equinix Fabric Cloud Router removes the limitations of physical or virtual routers, therefore enabling firms to improve application performance, reduce cloud costs, and expedite the delivery of services to market. Significantly, it helps businesses accelerate their multicloud adoption by avoiding vendor lock-in, eliminating networking restrictions, and facilitating the choice of the most suitable cloud environment and provider for specific workloads.

"Multicloud networking is hard, but now with the launch of Equinix Fabric Cloud Router, we are simplifying it for businesses everywhere by helping users connect different clouds in as little as 45 seconds," said Arun Dev, Vice President of Digital Interconnection at Equinix.

By harmonising Equinix's unwavering commitment to cloud and network neutrality, access to leading cloud on-ramps, and the most extensive range of cloud providers and services partners, Equinix states it is in a unique position to deliver on-demand digital infrastructure required by enterprises today.

Developed as a critical component of Platform Equinix, Equinix Fabric Cloud Router provides customers with multicloud performance, private connectivity, enterprise-grade support, and lower costs. The launch has already garnered positive responses.

Yogesh Kaushik, VP of Product Management, Networking Services at Oracle, expressed that the tool offers customers the ability to deploy and manage a high-performance multicloud networking architecture swiftly and economically. Kunal Thakkar, VP, Product and Solutions Engineering at Apcela, revealed his excitement at the prospect of achieving higher levels of cost and performance efficiency with the launch of the Equinix Fabric Cloud Router.