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AUCloud & Command Hub unite to launch CrisisHub platform
Wed, 27th Mar 2024

AUCloud has announced an alliance with Command Hub to create CrisisHub, an ultra-secure emergency crisis management platform. This arrangement aims to provide a much-needed lifeline for Australian businesses and government agencies, enabling them to adeptly navigate and respond during technical outages and cyber-attacks.

CrisisHub, an all-new platform, represents a secure one-stop shop for all stakeholders in an organisation during a crisis. It is envisaged as a hub for efficient communication and collaboration in an exceptionally secure, air-gapped environment. Unveiling the comprehensive capabilities of CrisisHub, Peter Maloney, CEO of AUCloud, said, "CrisisHub offers a secure and reliable platform for teams responding to incidents, enabling quick access to essential crisis management documents, plans, and communication systems to efficiently manage the most challenging incidents."

The pioneering platform is primed to provide round-the-clock support, ensuring that key documents, including crisis and business continuity plans, are not merely available but are also logically organised for swift access and action. "Amidst the chaos of a disaster or a sophisticated cyber-attack, CrisisHub stands ready 24/7," affirmed Mr Maloney.

Crises such as data breaches or major system failures can often elicit situations wherein businesses lose their ability to access essential resources, including systems, documents, emails and phone contacts. In the face of such cyber-attacks, acquiring immediate access to key files and planning documents becomes an uphill task, the remedy which CrisisHub offers.

The platform features an air-gapped solution for accessing and collaborating on documents and furnishes an encrypted communication platform. This facilitates immediate messaging and collaboration for first responders. The built-in secure messaging system enables group or individual conversations, with all communications and activity meticulously logged for future reference. The platform also boasts an innovative feature that allows organisations to quickly invite external parties during a crisis.

"Often a team of experts including insurers, public relations professionals, lawyers and forensic teams will be required to help respond and navigate during a crisis. It is important that first responders have a safe place to immediately communicate, collaborate and access critical materials to officially respond in a timely fashion," cited Mr Maloney.

Offering more than just secure hosting on AUCloud's secure sovereign cloud, CrisisHub also enables active search, annotation, and management of documents. This paves the way for seamless and efficient crisis management. "CrisisHub is designed to eliminate these challenges, providing a secure, reliable, and intuitive platform for crisis management. By ensuring that teams have the information and tools they need at their fingertips, we're helping organisations not just to manage crises but to overcome them. AUCloud is not just offering a product but is proposing a new standard for how organisations prepare for, manage and recover from crises," Mr Maloney concluded.