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Vodafone urges Aussies to back up digital memories ahead of World Backup Day
Thu, 28th Mar 2024

The new year has ushered in a wealth of captured memories for Australians, thanks to their smartphones. From taking photos at popular music concerts such as Taylor Swift's Eras tour and Fred Again's sold-out shows to documenting the long Easter weekend, smartphones have become the quintessential device for preserving special moments.

However, users often overlook the importance of safeguarding their digital memories amidst the flurry of activity. In fact, Vodafone revealed that its customers reported more than 22,000 device accidents in 2023, resulting in broken phones and lost memories. The fact that a quarter of the population has never backed up their devices further underscores the need for public awareness surrounding data protection.

This fact has prompted Vodafone to issue a public service announcement urging Australians to back up their mobile data regularly. This early warning is particularly timely as World Backup Day, set to be observed globally on March 31, looms on the horizon.

Moreover, Vodafone shared an interesting insight into customer behaviour. The telco found that its customers consumed 26% more data in 2023 than the previous year, with 55% of customers opting for phones with larger storage capacity when trading their old devices. This trend indicates an insatiable demand for capturing and storing memorable moments in Australians' lives.

The rapidly converging date of World Backup Day prompted Vodafone to release several key tips that mobile users can adopt to protect their precious memories. The advice ranged from deciding what and how much to back up, trusting cloud services for automatic backups and regular backup schedules, backing up immediately after important events, and considering added layers of protection through services like Vodafone's Device Care and Trade-In-Services.

Vodafone's Device Care provides an affordable solution to fix broken screens, exchange damaged devices, or replace lost ones without needing to explain or pay exorbitant replacement costs. Additionally, Vodafone's Trade-In Services allow customers to exchange their old eligible devices for credit towards a new or upgraded model.

As World Backup Day approaches, it serves as a timely reminder for Australians to safeguard their cherished moments. With Vodafone making noteworthy strides in raising awareness about the importance of regular backups, smartphone users can confidently continue documenting their life's highlights, knowing they have strategies in place to store their memories securely.

Vodafone has also offered to provide spokespeople with the opportunity to discuss the data further, the importance of backing up, and even a case study demonstrating a real-life data drama. This could all prove extremely valuable as we approach a period of increased activity during the holiday weekend when many will be celebrating with loved ones.