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Victorian Government partners with Swoop for the Connecting Victoria program
Tue, 12th Dec 2023

The Victorian Government has chosen Swoop, a top Australian fixed wireless and wholesale infrastructure service provider, as a partner for its ambitious Connecting Victoria program. With a budget of AUD $550 million, the program aims to alleviate connectivity troubles experienced by over 130,000 households and businesses in 180 towns.

Swoop will provide fixed wireless services, promising faster and more reliable internet access to the major locations of Mt Baw Baw, Moe, and Morwell. This improved connectivity will directly benefit businesses and residents in these areas, thanks to Swoop's partnership with the Victorian Government.

The first site for the Connecting Victoria program will be Mt Baw Baw, including the nearby regions of Tanjil Bren and Icy Creek. Located two and a half hours from the capital, Mt Baw Baw is known for its ski resort. Despite its remote location and extreme weather conditions, the community here will now have access to speedy and reliable internet services. This development is expected to stimulate economic growth and provide a much-needed boost to local tourism enterprises.

Alex West, CEO of Swoop, expressed his excitement over the project. "We are thrilled to collaborate with the Victorian Government as our partner to implement one of the most impactful programs in the State, bringing about positive transformations in the lives of households and businesses across regional Victoria," he said.

West added, "At Swoop, we are dedicated to providing reliable and robust internet connectivity to regional areas throughout Australia, and Mt Baw Baw is no different."

Tom Berryman, CTO of Swoop, highlighted the company's previous successes. "Swoop has proven success in establishing strong internet connectivity in remote and regional towns across Australia including Mount Magnet in WA and Geelong (Smarter Suburb program)."

Berryman stressed the significance of enhanced digital connectivity and communication for boosting the resilience of Mt Baw Baw, particularly during critical situations such as the peak ski season or hazardous weather conditions which pose significant connectivity challenges.

"With enhanced digital connectivity and communication channels, the fortitude of Mt Baw Baw will be bolstered, ensuring improved responsiveness during critical situations such as peak ski season or hazardous weather conditions, which presently pose the highest risk of connectivity disruptions," said Berryman. 

The Fixed Wireless installation has now been finalised, offering internet services of up to 70/20 Mbps from launch and boosting local connectivity. Pre-registrations are now open for Mt. Baw Baw, Tanjil Bren, and Icy Creek residents.

Well-regarded as one of Australia's leading internet service providers, Swoop has a strong focus on regional Australia. It currently delivers more than 30,000 services, 15,500 of which are Fixed Wireless, positioning it as one of the country's largest fixed wireless providers.

Swoop operates under four brands: Swoop Wholesale, Swoop Business, Swoop Broadband and NodeOne. Swoop is backed by Tattarang, James Spenceley, and Tony Grist and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.