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Utimaco aids UN's climate resilience in 'Early Warnings for All' Initiative
Fri, 15th Mar 2024

Utimaco, a global expert in IT security solutions and the world's largest provider of Cell Broadcast Centers (CBC), has recently become a Sector Member of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Development Sector. The company aspires to contribute its significant expertise to the Early Warnings for All (EW4A) Initiative, an ambitious program devised to protect all individuals from hazardous weather, climate, or water-related incidents through effective early warning systems by the end of 2027.

The EW4A initiative was developed in response to the mounting number of global natural hazards exacerbated by climate change. This programme, sponsored by the United Nations (UN) in 2022, pays particular attention to developing countries, most of which have yet to implement effective mobile early warning systems. EW4A aims to speed up the introduction of cell-broadcast warning systems, promote regulatory procedures, and provide necessary technical assistance.

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, said in March 2022, "All people on Earth must be protected by early warning systems within five years." Utimaco, with its vast hands-on experience and technological proficiency gathered from its multiple live installations in countries such as Denmark and India, is well-equipped to respond to this call.

Stefan Auerbach, the CEO of Utimaco, emphasises, "As the world's largest CBC provider with long-term expertise in the deployment of Public Warning solutions, Utimaco has an obligation to bring that experience to the initiative to help meet the initiative's target to protect the world population by early warning systems by 2027."

Utimaco's colossal experience in managing vast Public Warning Systems (PWS) and Mass Notification Systems (MNS), coupled with its exposure to aiding countries such as Ukraine, makes it aptly suited to support the EW4A initiative. The company's participation will contribute immensely to the design, development, and implementation of life-saving early warning systems across countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Auerbach further stressed the critical importance of supporting the goals of the UN's Early Warning for All initiative. "While natural hazards happen globally, the human toll tends to be highest in developing countries with limited resources at their disposal to invest in disaster prevention," he noted.

Highlighting the significance of Utimaco's involvement, Dr Cosmas Luckyson Zavazava, Director of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau, adds, "As the lead of the Early Warnings for All initiative's Pillar 3, on warning dissemination and communication, our objective is to ensure that everyone can benefit from the incredible growth of digital technologies, networks, and services."

"Partnerships with our private sector members, such as Utimaco, are critical in raising awareness about the opportunities of digital solutions and delivering technical expertise. We value and welcome Utimaco's decision to join us in supporting the EW4all initiative and helping save lives."

The collaboration between Utimaco and the ITU Development Sector highlights the role of digital solutions in disaster prevention, paving the way for safer and more resilient global societies.