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Tollring to launch AI-powered cloud call recording solution, Record AI
Thu, 14th Dec 2023

Tollring, an eminent software developer recognised for delivering business intelligence tools and data visualisation, is set to roll out an AI-driven cloud call recording solution, Record AI, in January 2024.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, the company's latest offering seeks to empower every kind of organisation by democratising AI automation, providing platform-agnostic compliance call recording and intelligent automated analysis of calls. Unlike conventional solutions that are limited to formal contact centres, Record AI will be accessible to all users within an organisation, establishing a broader reach.

Designed initially for Session Border Controllers for IP networks, Microsoft Teams and Cisco BroadWorks, Record AI aims to boost overall efficiency. The solution will also allow for easy subscription to service providers and has the option to be white-labelled, enhancing brand consistency across their portfolio.

Record AI will help save manual effort on a large scale and provide unprecedented insights into customer sentiment, trends, and behavioural patterns. These insights aim to drive substantial improvements in customer experience, creating value beyond just streamlining operations.

Tony Martino, CEO of Tollring, asserts that Record AI exemplifies how advanced technology can help organisations of various sizes bolster their customer communications. He stated, "Record AI leverages the latest in technology to help organisations of all sizes to improve customer communications."

"We make it easy to record, highlight and analyse the calls that matter automatically, immediately, and at scale, enabling businesses to transform customer experience."

Martino added that their commitment to making AI affordable and ensuring easy implementation brings them closer to democratising this technology. This development provides channel providers with inventive solutions for engaging their customers, potentially leading to substantial profit margins without demanding extensive investment.

Tony Martino said, "Affordable AI, coupled with easy implementation, is poised to democratise the technology. Channel providers now have access to innovative solutions to engage their customers together with the potential for substantial profit margins without requiring extensive investment."

The launch of Record AI demonstrates Tollring's commitment to continually offering innovative solutions that simplify operations and boost customer interactions. This approach underlines the company's role in spearheading industry transformation and delivering enterprise-wide benefits.

With offices in Australia, the UK, the USA and India, Tollring specialises in business communications analytics, call recording solutions, telecoms expense management and fraud management systems. Its innovative solutions are developed in-house and distributed via an extensive channel partner network to over 31,000 businesses globally. 

Tollring prides itself in its high levels of technical capability and strives to deliver outstanding support, having been certified in quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 for Information Security Management. It is a Microsoft Gold Partner in application integration, data analytics, application development, and cloud platforms and a Silver Partner in project and portfolio management.