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FRNSW selects Vertel to improve first responder training

Tue, 15th Nov 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Fire and Rescue New South Wales (FRNSW) has chosen Vertel to implement Beaconsim for improved first responder training.

“Through our partnership with Vertel, Beaconsim can offer FRNSW the same quality of training in advanced radio dispatcher command simulation as we have done in many others in locations including Finland, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa,” says Elina Avela, CEO, Beaconsim.

“Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what technology is implemented; if the responders don’t know how to use it, the whole operation is in jeopardy. That’s why comprehensive and user-focused training programs are so important, along with reliable networks.”

FRNSW says due to the increased risk of injury and death that firefighters are exposed to, it is incredibly important for every fire department to have in place the appropriate measures to stay safe, and training is a crucial component.

“FRNSW chose Vertel based on its long-standing reputation of delivering best-in-class communications solutions for emergency services,” says Paul Barnes, IT Operations & Communications Director, FRNSW.

“The Vertel team listened to FRNSW’s requirements and, along with its partner Beaconsim, delivered a customised solution that would meet our needs.”

FRNSW identified the need to invest in online training for its firefighters because of its flexible and remote learning options and the value of finding an offering that used real-life scenarios capable of strengthening and refreshing pre-existing skills.

In addition, FRNSW needed something that could be accessed through personal devices such as laptops, desktops and mobile phones.

“The cost-effective training solution is reality-based, measurable, and easily controlled by the trainer. Since implementing the advanced radio command and control dispatcher simulator, approximately 20% of FRNSW firefighters have participated in and completed the course, which is also available to new recruits and any firefighter who wants to refresh their knowledge,” Barnes says.

“With simple learning management system (LMS) integration and enhanced scalability, choosing Vertel and Beaconsim was an easy decision for FRNSW.”

Based in Finland, Beaconsim provides operative field communications simulations, providing fully-fledged offerings for critical communications training and planning for networks such as TETRA, LTE, 5G, DMR, digital PMR, Tetrapol, Mesh, P25 and proprietary networks.

Further, its advanced radio command and control dispatcher simulators are reality-based and measure learning while being easily controlled by the trainer.

“With Beaconsim, the online training simulation is specifically tailored to FRNSW. Vertel and Beaconsim spent a week on-site looking at the operations and taking videos and recordings to create the best, most relevant, online interactive training program,” Barnes says.

“The program is designed so responders must walk through the training step-by-step before they can move on to the next part of the training.”

The offering ensures that FRNSW receives quality training in a safe, low-stress environment, especially for its first responders who want to improve their knowledge.

Once training is complete, they can use the capabilities in real-life situations where effective communication is, at times, the difference between life and death.

Vertel is Australia’s largest privately-owned telecommunications carrier.

“It is critical that FRNSW has confidence in its training program and can ensure that everyone has access to the best training available and has completed it to the best of their ability,” says Tony Hudson, Commercial Director, Vertel.

“Vertel has a long-standing history in delivering communications solutions for emergency services. This means we understand the importance of public safety, the safety of emergency services workers, and the impact of critical network services going down.

“Vertel and Beaconsim have delivered a unique solution that helps FRNSW ensure that first responders are trained in the best way to improve operations and minimise risk.”

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