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Claro Colombia to utilise AI solution from TCS & VIAVI for network issues
Thu, 8th Feb 2024

Claro Colombia, the telecommunication company, will be leveraging an AI technology-based solution developed by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and VIAVI Solutions to identify and rectify service issues, enhancing customer experience. The technology aligns with Claro's customer-centric approach by transforming its Service Operations Center (SOC) to accommodate real-time network monitoring of static and mobile services. This restructuring ensures seamless provision, performance and capacity across all services.

Claro's planned four-year project will also capitalise upon TCS's 4.0 business model together with NITRO AIOps developed by VIAVI. Together, these platforms will enable the anticipation and prevention of service issues. Claro's Chief Technology Officer, Nestor Bergero, spoke highly of the initiative. "We are delighted to partner with VIAVI and TCS to develop our SOC that allows us to count on monitoring, managing and improving the delivery of services and guaranteeing their quality," he said. “Our team of 800 specialists, engineers, and technicians will harness this AI-based solution to process vast sources of information, effectively conducting predictive, preventative and corrective actions to improve user experience."

The AI solution will orchestrate the broad array of services offered by Claro from their SOC in Ortezal. This operation will ensure the functionality of base stations, HFC nodes, FTTH trunks, digital and fibre optic centres, processing varied network data for a comprehensive perspective of mobile and fixed network services. By applying AI/ML, the SOC will be positioned to proactively detect and resolve service faults, substantially improving fixed/mobile internet, television, and fixed/mobile telephone services for its users.

Significant strides in digitalisation have resulted in increased scope and complexity of network operations. These developments have cultivated demands for swift and reliable connectivity. Marcelo Wurmann, CEO LATAM, TCS, explains how the solution offered by TCS and VIAVI is pivotal in meeting these challenges. "The solution facilitates early detection of service failures and their exact location, delivering substantial improvements to users' fixed/mobile Internet, television and fixed/mobile telephone services."

Eddy Bueno, Vice President, Latin America, VIAVI sees their collaborative effort with TCS as pivotal in optimising Claro's SOC, enhancing the customer experience. "The collaboration with TCS provides end-to-end visibility that helps Claro's SOC deliver superior customer experience," he said. "VIAVI NITRO AIOps facilitates real-time visibility, predictive maintenance and swift resolution capabilities, supporting Claro to execute its innovative initiatives successfully."

Bueno believes the partnership's solution will revolutionise the way network operation centres are run. It accommodates the increasingly multi-dimensional issue of vendor and domain-dependent network systems, providing real-time visibility and prompter resolutions. This enhancement will be instrumental in maintaining and elevating Claro’s existing services while preparing for the future development and introduction of new ones. Innovations like these reflect how technology is shaping a new era in telecommunications, facilitating faster, more reliable services.