The Ultimate Guide to 5G
2024 edition

Cellular technology commenced with first generation networks essentially mimicking the behaviour of the POTS (Plain Old Telephone System). 1G networks were superseded by 2G, which introduced the first examples of differentiation from copper telephone wires, including the introduction of text messaging and limited wireless data transfer. 5G networks, therefore, are fifth generation wireless cellular networks; operating on higher frequencies, these networks deliver mobile broadband at very high speeds (expected up to 10gigabits per second) and with higher ‘carrying capacity’ than the 4G networks they supersede. 5G networks started rolling out in 2019 and require recent-generation compatible handsets. 5G is further designed to facilitate machine to machine communications (IoT).

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You can read more from the top players NDI, Partners, Huawei, Spark, and Vodafone.
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