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SourseAI expands global reach with Melon Mobile partnership in Africa
Tue, 6th Feb 2024

The Australian start-up SourseAI, recently reinforced as a premier AI platform for the telecommunications industry, is now collaborating with innovative South African telecommunication company Melon Mobile. Freshly boosted by Series A funding, this partnership ensures SourseAI's global reach now extends to Africa.

Melon Mobile is a unique mobile network operating entirely via an app equipped with eSIMs. It provides customers with fully bespoke plans and pre-paid bundles. With SourseAI's AI-powered platform at hand, Melon is now set to analyse its data more effectively to maximise acquisition, retention, and, ultimately, customer lifetime value (LTV).

Consistently disrupting the South African telecommunications scene, Melon Mobile, South Africa's first fully customisable mobile network, is thrilled about the partnership with SourseAI's decision intelligence platform. This collaboration is slated to amplify Melon's strength, enabling the creation of revolutionary mobile solutions for individuals and businesses alike.

The partnership will provide Melon with various benefits, such as an enhanced understanding of customer behaviour and trends via AI, optimisation of revenue and costs, data-driven decision-making enhancing personalisation of mobile experience, and significantly boosting customer acquisition, retention, and lifetime value.

SourseAI's robust AI capabilities enable Melon to scrutinise extensive data sets thoroughly, resulting in data-dependent decisions that drive a thorough understanding of business operations. This understanding is essential while designing future-forward mobile offerings for the South African market.

SourseAI currently supports 15 telecommunications brands across the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and now Africa, analysing and interpreting real-time data from over 20 million mobile services.

Calvin Collet, CEO of Melon Mobile, conveyed, "Melon Mobile constantly seeks new methods to disrupt the status quo. Whether through our app, solutions, pricing, or by elevating customers' individualised offerings, SourseAI's Atlas provides us with the tools to understand our business and customers deeply. This assists us in proactively developing solutions to reinforce our customer-first approach."

Tanya Hyams-Young, CEO of SourseAI, commented, "The telco sector is fiercely competitive in every market. Traditional telcos face a real challenge to genuinely connect with their customers and understand their true value. They sit on mountains of data, but they often struggle to make the most of it. Only AI and data science can help someone analyse and interpret all this data in real-time to provide tangible business insights with any degree of certainty."

"Many telcos can spend years building an AI and data-science team before seeing tangible insights and results. The beauty of Atlas by SourseAI, is it can deliver results in a matter of weeks and doesn't require a dedicated in-house team," said Tanya Hyams-Young. 

Hyams-Young expressed her delight in collaborating with a tech-driven disrupter like Melon: "Melon Mobile is revolutionising the consumer and business game with its unwavering commitment to mobile freedom, control and flexibility. We eagerly look forward to empowering them with real-time AI-driven insights, helping them further challenge the South African telco landscape."