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Permaconn launches RAPIDlink 4G secure managed IoT service

Mission-critical security provider, Permaconn has announced the availability of its RAPIDlink 4G secure managed IoT service for system integrators, installers and managed service providers who are looking to develop new revenue streams without the time and runaway mobile data costs that typically come with managing multiple devices.

RAPIDlink provides integrators, MSP and OEMs with a single-vendor managed IoT solution featuring plug-and-play installation and a single point of contact for connectivity, sales and support. The service can be used anywhere that needs devices configured and maintained remotely and reliably, including building management and security, plant monitoring, automation and retail services, through to industrial vertical sectors like agtech and renewable energy.

“RAPIDlink helps integrators and MSPs deliver managed IoT services to customers in multiple industry sectors beyond their target market, and gives vertical sector-specific integrators, like solar installers, a new revenue stream in their market,” says Marc Englaro, chief executive officer of Permaconn.

“OEM vendors can also bundle RAPIDlink with their existing product offerings to create a complete end-to-end solution that includes communication and remote management," continues Englaro.

RAPIDlink is ready to be used out of the box with dual SIMs from Telstra and Optus, already installed and pre-activated. It provides a secure, dedicated out-of-band comms solution that does not touch existing networks, meaning the end customer's IT department need not be involved, and the integrator can manage the solution alone.

Integrators, MSPs, and OEMs can buy RAPIDlink directly through Permaconn or distributors. The billing model supports recurring revenue streams with a monthly charge from Permaconn, allowing the partner to wrap this into their managed service fee to customers. The RAPIDlink managed service includes hardware, router configuration, mobile data services, networking services, account services and billing.

“By designing and developing all components in-house in Australia and offering 24/7 support locally, we have full control over the hardware, software, firmware, networking links and servers,” adds Englaro. “We are bringing secure, proven and widely deployed technology from the security industry and delivering RAPIDlink to the wider communications market via new integrator channels.”

RAPIDlink overcomes the bandwidth limitations of other IoT technologies. In many deployment scenarios, where a high-end enterprise-grade networking solution would be cost-prohibitive, it's cheaper and faster to deploy than fixed-line alternatives. "At a trade price of under $200 per device, RAPIDlink hardware is low cost and only requires power and cellular coverage to successfully deploy," he says.

RAPIDlink services can be configured and changed in real-time 24/7 and suspended or reactivated at any time, with no replacement SIMs or site visits required. "Complete control over the service, remote management and reliable communications means fewer truck rolls and real-time troubleshooting – saving time and money for our partners."

According to Future Market Insights, the global IoT network management market totalled US$5.1 billion in 2022. Still, it will grow to US$41.5 billion by 2032 as companies try to mitigate network challenges and data privacy risks brought about by network congestion, device failures and link quality degradation.

Englaro says the time is right to introduce RAPIDlink to new industry sectors throughout Australia. The company also plans to offer it internationally for the first time in the coming months. “Security and reliability for IoT both depend on having complete control of the entire network, and this is what we bring to the wider market with RAPIDlink,” says Englaro.

RAPIDlink's dual-network 4G data service only requires one data plan, regardless of which telco is being used, and a shared data pool can be used by devices on different networks. This builds redundancy, optimises costs and simplifies data management for multiple-device businesses.

“With other solutions, you would typically need to buy a router and procure and manage the SIM cards separately – and that could be for thousands of connections. Only Permaconn is offering it as a bundled solution of hardware and data,” notes Englaro.

As part of the RAPIDlink's development, more than 4,000 devices have been successfully installed in several applications with non-IT integrator partners, including solar equipment installations, aged care, vending machines, apartment block access control and remote water tank monitoring.

Automated fresh food and drink vending services company Provender Canberra (a franchisee of Provender Australia) installed RAPIDlink to overcome network blackspots caused by single network operator solutions and the need to remotely monitor and repair machine faults and blockages.

The franchisee integrated RAPIDlink’s input and output capabilities to monitor mains power to its machines and to sense when units are being tilted. "Getting alerted of these issues remotely allows us to fix them more quickly, without waiting for routine inspections or complaints. We can also track the frequency of any issues and see if there are underlying causes for persistent problems," says Nicholas Pardy, owner of Provender Canberra.

Another early partner, Queensland-based AC Solar Warehouse, said RAPIDlink's independence from a single telco was crucial for the company's installer partners. "They needed a 4G-enabled device, with 3G fall-back, leveraging both the Telstra and Optus networks to monitor solar equipment," says Tom Peters, key account manager at AC Solar Warehouse. “Because we are a wholesaler, we are not able to know what network is required when we sell the product, and previous devices only used 3G.”

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