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Orange & Infinera partnership boosts transatlantic connectivity
Wed, 17th Jan 2024

Global technology firm Infinera announced that global telecommunications operator Orange has adopted Infinera's GX Series-based ICE6 coherent solution. The solution was selected by Orange for its new AMITIE subsea cable and is ready for service, offering network operators robust transatlantic connectivity with ultra-low latency. Thus, Orange will be able to provide its customers with up to 400 GbE services from the U.S. to France and across its long-haul terrestrial backhaul network from Boston to New York and from Le Porge to Bordeaux in France.

Orange provides fully resilient global connectivity capability along the world's busiest route, using two state-of-the-art subsea cables - the Dunant and the AMITIE, to connect France and the U.S. The deployment of Infinera's innovative ICE6 technology on the GX Series Compact Modular Platform will allow Orange to keep in step with future generations of optical transmission technologies whilst maintaining high performance for the next 20 years. This significant development also aids Orange in significantly reducing its energy cost per megabit and minimizing its carbon footprint.

Aurélien Vigano, VP of International Transmission Network at Orange, expressed satisfaction with their new technological partnership with Infinera. He mentioned the integration of Infinera's industry-leading technology for the first time on a significant transatlantic route and terrestrial backhaul for Orange. Vigano highlighted that this future-proof technology positions Orange as a key player in the global wholesale market. The focus is on developing infrastructure to connect continents and provide customers with a unique, high-performance, and robust connectivity solution.

Aurélien Vigano said, "We are pleased to integrate Infinera's industry-leading technology for the first time on one of our key transatlantic routes and terrestrial backhaul. With this future-proof technology, Orange is well-positioned to continue to be a major player in the global wholesale market, developing our infrastructure to connect continents together and delivering a unique, high-performance, and robust solution to our customers."

The partnership between Infinera and Orange seems to be mutually advantageous. Nick Walden, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales at Infinera, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration. According to him, Infinera is pleased to join forces with Orange to implement their innovative ICE6 solution on Orange's crucial subsea and terrestrial backhaul routes. This collaboration aims to provide network operators, wholesale carriers, and enterprise customers with robust and dependable global connectivity capabilities.

Nick Walden stated, "Infinera is delighted to partner with Orange to deliver our innovative ICE6 solution across Orange's critical subsea and terrestrial backhaul routes, offering network operators, wholesale carriers, and enterprise customers resilient and reliable global connectivity capability."

In a world that increasingly requires seamless, reliable connectivity, this partnership between Orange and Infinera signifies a monumental step in enhancing and fortifying global IT and connectivity services. With the cutting-edge GX series-based ICE6 coherent solution, we can expect to see enhanced performances across transatlantic routes, benefiting not only the involved companies but the wider global community.