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More & Tangerine to align with Teleco Financial Hardship Standard 2024
Wed, 7th Feb 2024

Plans to adapt internal processes and policies in response to the forthcoming Telecommunications (Financial Hardship) Industry Standard 2024 were announced today by leading telecommunications company More and Tangerine. The new legislation will kick into effect from 29 March 2024, and More and Tangerine are proactively adjusting their approach to align with this new standard.

CEO of More and Tangerine Andrew Branson emphasised the company's commitment to ensuring the affordability of telco services for Australians. "Ensuring Australians can access affordable telco services remains our top priority,” he says. “We recognise the importance of telecommunications in modern society, ensuring Australians remain connected to family, friends, work and essential services."

This is particularly pertinent in the face of financial hardship, where telecommunications access becomes even more vital. To ensure its services remain accessible to all, More and Tangerine urge any customers struggling with their bills to get in touch. Customers can converse with specially trained staff members to identify and implement a suitable solution.

Addressing the upcoming changes, Mr Branson demonstrated the company’s supportive stance towards the new industry standard. He said, “We are supportive of the additional assistance measures that will be available to customers under the new Telecommunications (Financial Hardship) Industry Standard 2024."

To adhere to this standard, More and Tangerine are currently refining their financial hardship processes and policies. This harmonises with their ethic of prioritising affordability and accessibility of services. A revitalised financial hardship assistance program is in the works, with information to be publicly available towards the end of March 2024.

More and Tangerine's commitment to meeting these new standards points towards an increasingly supportive and customer-centred approach within the Australian telecommunications industry. Their focus on accessibility and affordability highlights the important role of telecommunications in maintaining connections with family, friends, and essential services, particularly for those facing financial difficulties.