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Carlsberg selects Expereo for global internet connectivity support
Fri, 1st Dec 2023

Expereo, the intelligent internet connectivity provider, has revealed that Carlsberg Group, a global brewery organisation, is their latest enterprise customer. As a result of this collaboration, Carlsberg has chosen Expereo to oversee its internet connectivity in 40 countries at 160 sites, supporting the brewery's global digital transformation journey.

Carlsberg Group boasts several of the world's most renowned beers, including Tuborg, Kronenbourg 1664, Poretti, Experimental, and, of course, Carlsberg. The group employs over 40,000 people and manages 140 different brands, classifying it as one of Denmark's most substantial employers. Expereo's role for Carlsberg Group is to ensure a flawless internet underlay network, which will provide seamless performance for the company's employees, partners, and customers, regardless of their location.

The collaboration aims to ensure that Carlsberg experiences secure and predictable global application performance. For this, a provider capable of delivering a managed internet service via a single partner was imperative, directing internal IT teams at Carlsberg to focus on other high-prize tasks.

Ben Elms, the Chief Revenue Officer at Expereo, remarked on the collaboration with Carlsberg. He highlighted that Carlsberg sought a managed internet network partner to streamline their existing infrastructure into a unified network. The key requirement was a partner capable of guaranteeing that the network foundation could support implementing their new Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) initiative.

Ben Elms stated, "Carlsberg were looking for a managed internet network partner to lead the consolidation of their current estate into one network infrastructure. They needed a partner who could ensure the network underlay could deliver the platform for their new SASE roll-out."

Elms further explained that the real-time visibility and insight offered by expereoOne into network performance would be a game-changer for Carlsberg and its partners. The actionable insights provided by Expereo would offer the client company control over network performance and management.

Carlsberg's growing market requirements across 40 nations and 160 sites necessitated a partner adept with hyper-local expertise. Leveraging its five global support centres and local-speaking teams, Expereo promises to deliver a global internet network to Carlsberg by the end of March 2024.

Laurent Gaertner, the Global Director of Networks at Carlsberg, expressed satisfaction with their partnership, emphasising the importance of having a partner with a deep understanding of the internet and the ability to provide seamless connectivity across various locations.

The goal is to streamline Carlsberg's network infrastructure by transitioning from multiple regional service providers with diverse technical solutions to a unified network and security stack. Gaertner looks forward to the ongoing collaboration, viewing it as a step towards accelerating Carlsberg's digital transformation.

Laurent Gaertner said, "We wanted a partner that understands the internet and brings us unrivalled connectivity wherever we are located."

"This enables us to consolidate our network infrastructure as we move from several regional service providers with fragmented technical solutions to one integrated network and security stack. We are looking forward to the ongoing partnership and continuing on our journey to accelerate Carlsberg's digital transformation."