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Activ8me, nbn unveil unlimited data for remote Australians
Mon, 4th Dec 2023

Activ8me, a prominent Australian internet provider, and the National Broadband Network have announced the launch of new unlimited data plans on nbn Sky Muster satellite internet, starting at just $59 per month. 

The move marks a significant shift in the digital landscape for remote Australians, bringing more affordable unlimited data plans to about 90,000 households that rely on satellite internet, according to Activ8me.

Since the introduction of the first nbn Sky Muster Plus Premium plan back in June this year, Activ8me has witnessed a substantial uptake of the service by customers desiring an unlimited data allowance on their home satellite service. Crunching the previously high costs typically associated with satellite internet, these new plans herald a new era of accessibility and affordability, Activ8me says.

Martin Camilleri, chief executive officer of Activ8me, expresses the company's joy over the development: "We are excited today to finally launch unlimited data allowance plans that are more affordable to remote households across Australia.

"Activ8me is proud to be at the forefront of bringing this product to market. We've been striving for this a long time and are delighted to offer this service to our customers in remote and regional Australia," he said.

According to Activ8me, this pricing breakthrough is a boon for remote Australians, predominantly those plagued by the persistent concern over the high cost of satellite internet. More affordable unlimited data plans mean that satellite internet has become financially feasible for more people, finally offering remote Australia a metropolitan-comparable service. This progress is a significant milestone in bridging the digital divide between urban and regional Australia, having profound implications on access to the digital economy, healthcare, and education, the company says.

Activ8me's new plans begin at a mere $59 per month, offering regional and remote Australian homes an unlimited data allowance at a metro-comparable price for the first time. The plans provide speeds of up to 25/5mbps, 50/5mbps, and 100/5mbps at $59, $74, and $99 per month, respectively. The uploads can burst up to 10mbps from time to time, depending on network conditions.

While the future of internet connectivity for remote Australia looks rather promising, it is essential to note the fine print. nbn's Fair Use Policy interprets user experience, including the achieved speeds over the nbn network, based on the configuration, technology, and concurrent users and services on the nbn satellite network, along with some factors outside of nbn's control such as equipment quality, software, or signal reception.