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Access4 launches its first simultaneous calling product
Wed, 5th Jul 2023

Access4, the Unified Communication-as-a-Service (UCaaS) provider, has launched its first simultaneous calling product, the UC Xpress, designed to enable channel partners to reach more customers than ever.

The product is designed to offer a single, secure multi-tenanted platform for low-contention telephony customers.

After consultation with its partners, Access4 concluded that traditional per-seat models don't always offer the flexibility and scalability some businesses require. 

Where a per-seat model doesn't fit, UC Xpress will allow Access4 partners to provide their customers with a flexible, cost-effective solution that meets their evolving needs.  

The solution, available through Access4's SASBOSS provisioning and customer management platform, enables enterprises to scale up or down their telephony operations as business needs evolve. It is based on phone lines rather than on a per-seat basis. 

UC Xpress is especially suited for businesses with a legacy on-premise phone system that they're now only paying usage for or for those with a higher number of users relative to the number of calls made. 

For example, paying per phone line is ideal for businesses in education, retail, food and beverage and aged care sectors requiring a flexible, cost-effective and scalable telephony solution.  

Simultaneous calling will enable the business to only pay for the capacity needed to deal with the highest number of calls at any one time. As customers only pay for the phone lines they need, costs are reduced, and hidden fees are eliminated.  

At the same time, UC Xpress provides Access4 partners with everything they need to manage and scale telephony operations with all infrastructure managed and hosted within a secure multi-tenanted platform, resulting in reduced risks, costs and overheads.

Tim Jackson, Managing Director, Access4, says: "Partners today face significant challenges in finding the right telephony solutions for their customers with most solutions on offer in the market today being self-managed, which is both risky and not scalable."

"The ability to pay per-simultaneous call rather than per-seat is especially appealing to customers that have a high number of users but low call volumes."  

"By being able to now offer both a per-seat and per-simultaneous call model through Access4, our partners will be able to reinforce their competitive advantage with opportunities to enter new market segments and further increase their recurring revenue," says Jackson. 

In the lead-up to launching UC Xpress, Access4 ran a beta program to ensure the product's features and functionality were aligned with its partners' needs.

Josh Blunden, Customer Success Manager, PConnect, says: "UC Xpress offers our customers a cost-efficient, secure, and reliable telephony solution with simultaneous calling, enabling PConnect to provide a pay-per-phone-line option to customers, particularly in industries like hotels and educational institutions, expanding our reach and catering to their specific needs."

"We highly recommend service providers explore the telephony solutions provided by Access4." 

"Their offerings, including a per-user cost and the newly introduced pay-per-phone-line option can significantly expand the opportunity for a business' reach and appeal to a wider audience, making it an excellent proposition to enhance growth potential," says Blunden.

UC Xpress empowers partners to reach customers with low outbound and internal calls, such as those who typically only have one or two phone operators.

"We are confident that UC Xpress will be the market leader for simultaneous calling in the region," says Jackson.  

"With our ability to now offer both a per-seat and per-simultaneous call model, our partners will be able to provide a best fit telephony solution for their customer's requirements, no matter how demanding or bespoke."